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Waste Minimisation

This is an area of interest for the Trust.

This is supported in the Trust’s Strategic Plan – Goal 5 includes the statements

To promote and enable sustainable practice, reduced consumption, and resilience.

Use Local Community structure to identify local wishes for information/action – start with Belmont-Bayswater group.


Explore and support the establishment of a sustainable community food garden.

To promote recycling, composting

Work with Devonport Community Recycling Centre to promote recycling, use of waste materials.

Support composting initiatives and promote individual composting.

The Trust has only recently been able to make progress with this Goal, but there is a small group of people who are interested.


The general approach we will take involves informaing, involving, activating local neighbourhoods, so this work could connect with the work of existing networks such as ‘Neighbourhood Watch’.


If you would like to become involved in progressing this area, use the ‘Contact Us’.

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