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Devonport Arts Festival Trust


The Devonport Arts Festival Trust is a Registered Charitable Trust in its own right, but has opted to come under the umbrella Governance of the Devonport Peninsula Trust – the rationale being that this allows the Arts Festival Trust to focus its energies on the Arts, leaving DPT to oversee fundraising, employment, Health and Safety matters etc.


Here you see the revised Art Trail map, and two of the works added in 2021.


On the Devonport Senior Citizens’ Association building (Harmony Hall) is Dan Tippett’s work – this was originally to go on a much smaller nearby wall, but when that wall did not work out, and this wall became available, Dan graciously extended his work, to achieve an amazing result.


The other work, by exponents Rita Vovna and TrustMe, is located on the wall between the depotArtSpace and Devonpoort Community House. The Community House has installed lighting, so, during the evening, this artwork looks stunning.


These two works add to the existing trail, with works located in devonport Village and surrounding neighbourhoods. The Flyer shows cafe and toilet facilities people might take advantage as they follow the trail.


These murals are expensive to create – with costs for access, Health and Safety, preparation, materials, and of course, due recognition of the talent that creates them.


If you would like to contribute toward another mural, use the ‘Contact Us’ button.

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